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A Father's Instructions For Life

It is said that it is the responsibility of parents

not to pave the road for their children

but to provide a road map

Every once in a while life hands you a moment

so precious

so overwhelming

that you almost glow

Here are a few words of council to give to your children

and one day maybe they might be able to

add to these and pass them down to their own kids

Compliment three people each day


Watch a sunrise at least twice a year

Look people in the eye

Say "thank you" a lot

Say "please" a lot

Live beneath your means

Buy whatever kids are selling

on card tables in their front yards

Treat everyone you meet as

you want to be treated

Donate two pints of blood a year

Make new friends

but cherish the old ones

Keep secrets

Don't waste time learning the

"tricks of the trade"

Instead, learn the trade

Admit your mistakes

Be brave Even if you are not

pretend to be

No one can tell the difference

Choose a charity in your community and support

it generously with your time and money

Read the Bill Of Rights

Use credit cards only for convince

never for credit

Never cheat

Learn to listen

Opportunity sometimes knocks softly

Never deprive someone of hope

it might be all that they have

Pray not for things

but for wisdom and courage

Never take action when you're angry

Have good posture

Enter a room with purpose and confidence

Don't discuss business in elevators

you never know who might overhear you

Never pay for work

before it is completed

Be willing to lose a battle

in order to win the war

Don't gossip

Beware of the person who

has nothing to loose